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Deeper color shades possible with DICRYLAN® SD

What's New? | November 12, 2013 | By:

Huntsman Textile Effects, a division of Huntsman Corp. and a global manufacturer of textile dyes and chemicals, launched DICRYLAN® Shade Deepener (SD) to help mills achieve shade depths for blacks and navies which were previously unattainable. This represents a technological breakthrough in achieving color depths on all fibers without compromising color-fastness properties.

The process uses light scattering and light polarization; when light hits small particles, such as the DICRYLAN® SD polymer backbone, it is scattered in all directions, resulting in a deeper shade visually as less light is reflected back.

This effect is further enhanced by light polarization resulting from the unique orientation of the polymer structure. The polymer units are oriented perpendicularly to each other and the light source. This results in a significant reduction in transmitted light and leads to a significantly deeper and darker shade. The company has announced that it has accomplished increases in color depth by up to 50 percent.

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