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RxFiber releases RxFibron HT©

What's New? | December 10, 2013 | By:

Windsor, Calif.-based RxFiber has released its new product, RxFibron HT© fiber. The company positions this product as the industry’s first commercially released, medical-grade, high-tenacity PET fiber. The company focuses on medical-grade fiber for a wide variety of med-tech applications. The innovative material integrates well with surrounding tissue making it well suited for sutures in endovascular, vascular and orthopedics areas.

RxFibron HT© fiber’s advanced properties include strength, durability, thermal melt, biocompatibility, lowering product profile (smaller denier yarn), making it a suitable alternative to UHMWPE and regular polyester. In addition, it can be custom made to meet the strict specifications of the low-profile, next-generation devices without compromising performance.

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