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Trelleborg fabric effective in air bearings

Industry News | December 10, 2013 | By:

Trelleborg, Air cushion in place, under the transporterTrelleborg Engineered Fabrics has been awarded a contract to supply an engineered fabric for use in Solving’s air bearings, which will improve air bearing performance. A manufacturer of heavy load-handling systems based in Pietarsaari, Finland, Solving has turned to Trelleborg’s engineered fabric for use within the air bearings that are under the transporter, Solving Mover. Providing superior strength and tensile properties, as well as an ability to withstand high air pressure, the advanced fabric lowers the air bearings’ consumption of air to optimize performance.

Anders Heikius, R&D manager of mechanical design for Solving, says, “Our air bearings work using air film technology, meaning that a thin film of air is created between the floor surface and the air bearing. This virtually eliminates friction and allows heavy loads to be moved with very little force.”

Trelleborg Engineered Fabrics is a producer of specialty polymer-coated and calendered materials for many industries including aerospace, automotive, recreation and fluid handling and more.

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