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February 2014

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Electronic textile cushion

This short video shows an electronic textile cushion recently produced by Ioannis Anastasopoulos of the Advanced Textiles Research Group, Nottingham Trent University, U.K.. The LED chips and interconnects have been fully integrated into the fabric structure.

“Power pocket” could do more than store your phone

Scientists at the University of Southampton are working on an energy-harvesting film, using a combination of rapid printing processes and active-printed inks to screen the film directly onto fabric.

Shape-shifting dresses respond to stares

Made by fashion designer Ying Gao, these dresses change shape and light up when they detect someone staring at them.

Thin-film photovoltaics performance research

“Outdoor Performance of a Thin-Film Gallium-Arsenide Photovoltaic Module” describes in detail how “single-crystal, thin-film GaAs PV modules provide a complementary thin-film approach and have achieved higher efficiencies than their polycrystalline and amorphous counterparts.”

Energy harvesting

Energy harvesting wireless sensor technology from EnOcean for self-powered wireless switches and sensors.

Human activity could power the Internet of Things

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