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T-ChIP provides chemical hazard and risk assessment data

What's New? | February 7, 2014 | By:

Launched this January, the Textile Chemical Information Profile chemical hazard- and risk-assessment program (T-ChIP) was designed by textile chemistry experts specifically for textile and textile chemical manufacturers, who can confidentially submit information about their commercial textile chemical products through the secure website. T-ChIP then accesses toxicological data and conducts a verifiable, ingredient-level hazard and risk assessment.

T-ChIP also provides manufacturers with a concise summary of the hazard/risk profile allowing them to manage chemicals, communicate with brands and retailers, and respond to the industry’s mandate for more sustainable, greener textile chemistry. Through the secure portal, manufacturers can disclose the makeup of their commercial chemical products, including a detailed list of ingredients. T-ChIP thoroughly evaluates the hazards posed against all pertinent RSLs, SVHC lists, international regulations, and the latest toxicological knowledge.

Manufacturers can also provide information about operating procedures in areas such as water, air, and waste treatment; materials handling and employee training. It benchmarks those procedures against industry standard practices and assesses the manufacturer’s risk and combines the risk assessment and hazard assessment to gauge the likelihood that the commercial chemical compound may pose a threat when used as intended.

This profile tool aligns with the chemical management ideals of the AAFA, the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, USEPA, AFIRM, OIA, and others. It is recognized by textile certification organizations as an effective chemical management tool.  T ChIP is based in Elon, N.C.

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