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Glowing reviews for students’ lighted textiles

Out There | March 8, 2014 | By:

Five students from Sweden’s School of Textiles, University of Borås, lit up the Furniture Fair in Stockholm, Sweden, this February with their experiments demonstrating the integration of light in woven fabrics.

“We want to show another way of working with textiles than the traditional piece goods,” says Joanna Vikström, one of the students. “This way we’ll also show all the possibilities there are concerning how people can work with textiles.”

The Swedish School of Textiles presented work in the “Greenhouse,” an area of the fair devoted to promoting emerging artists. United by a theme of ljus, material och struktur (light, materials, and structure), the pieces shown reflected five students’ experiments in integrating lights into their weaving, and were shown in the dark.

The students are in their final year in the Textile Design program.

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