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UVR Defense Tech closes license sale

What's New? | March 22, 2014 | By:

UVR Defense Tech Ltd. has sold licenses to Essex Flameproofing Ltd. (Euroflam) to apply UVR’s technologies—UVRC and nanoTarge —within the U.K. UVRC is a camouflage for the ultraviolet spectrum that may be applied to conventional camouflage without altering the visible and near-infrared properties of the fabric; nanoTarge strengthens and protects technical and ballistic fabrics, providing as much as a 2 ½ times the tear strength.

In recent independent tear tests, nanoTarge increased the tear strength of PBI/Kevlar fabric from 10.63 lbs to 26.55 lbs. The product creates a thin film of ceramic oxide nanoparticles that coats the individual fibers, not the yarns. This is of particular interest to makers of soft armor, firefighters’ turnout gear and structural fabric.

The treatments will offer added protection to a wide range of textiles and new permanent UV signature management solutions for uniforms, tenting and equipment covers. It will also reduce the effect of UV degradation on these fabrics.

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