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Aquafil wins NeoCon 2014 best fiber award

EcoNote | July 9, 2014 | By:

Aquafil USA has won the best fiber award at NeoCon 2014, a design exposition and conference for commercial interiors. The award is Aquafil’s first at the conference, and the first time the company has taken part in the event.

Aquafil won with its ECONYL fiber, which is made from reused and improved waste polymers, such as those in fishing nets, carpets and clothing. The company says the process is more of an “upcycle” than a recycle, because the quality of the end product fiber is better than that of the raw materials

With 50 percent of the product made of post-consumer waste, the company is halfway to its goal of 100 percent post-consumer waste mix by 2020. At the moment, the ECONYL fiber is a material used in only one product line.

The ECONYL fiber was introduced to the market in 2011; researchers and production teams for the material were credited with winning the industry award after three years on the market.

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