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PurThread imbeds silver for lasting efficacy

What's New? | October 27, 2014 | By:

A recent study has found that N.C.-based PurThread’s silver-embedded fabrics kill 99.99 percent of bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella and E. coli within four hours of contact.

This new method of embedding silver in fabric, rather than applying it topically, means that the antimicrobial benefits of silver will not wash out, wear away over time or change the physical characteristics of the fabric—a benefit for textiles used in applications from healthcare to activewear.

Silver has been used to fight bacteria for centuries and has been used to provide antimicrobial properties to fabrics for over a decade. However, many antimicrobial fabrics apply silver topically as a coating or dip, rendering it susceptible to washing off, wearing away, or having inconsistent application. Others weave the silver in, leading to changes in the fabric’s texture. PurThread’s method embeds silver salt into the fiber, yielding intrinsic antimicrobial benefits that will be maintained for the life of the fabric.

The University of Arizona revealed the findings from a recent study commissioned by PurThread Technologies Inc., at IDWeekTM on Oct. 11 in Philadelphia.

Products made with PurThread range from healthcare textiles such as privacy curtains, scrubs and lab coats, to freshness products such as performance athletic wear, socks and gear for emergency first responders and the military. The EPA has not yet reviewed any public health claims for PurThread products.

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