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Bioplastic boot-drying tech passes Marines’ test

What's New? | March 6, 2015 | By:

After months of testing, the Biovation DryRight tactical boot-drying sheet has received positive feedback from the U.S. Marine Corps. The testing resulted from a Broad Agency Announcement Contract awarded to Biovation in June 2013. These results will lead to the finalization of product design and commercialization in 2015, concurrent with the completion of a final field trial by the USMC.

The sheet is a lightweight, portable product that is rolled and inserted into a wet boot. Over time, antimicrobial materials dry the boot and ensure foot health. It never needs to be wrung out or washed; a single unit can be used 10 to 15 times with “recharging” (air drying). When in use, the product provides maximum boot dryness in all foot contact areas (toe, heel, top and bottom of foot) regardless of climate and weather conditions. This results in the reduction of foot blisters and damp socks.

Biovation is a Boothbay, Maine-based technology design and manufacturing company that produces advanced, non-woven fiber products with integrated antimicrobial properties for packaging, healthcare, custom advanced material OEM products and other specialty scalable applications. The product was funded, developed and tested in close collaboration with the Marines. The company plans to establish a dedicated DryRight manufacturing line by April 2015, allowing orders to be taken for June 2015 delivery.

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