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Sensoria® Fitness socks on the market

What's New? | May 8, 2015 | By:

Sensoria-smart-socksAfter four years of research and development, Sensoria Inc., developer of IoT wearable solutions, announces that its Sensoria® Fitness socks are available to consumers. Based on the company’s vision, “The Garment is the Computer®,” the smart socks are embedded with proprietary textile sensors that are soft, comfortable, durable and machine washable, according to the company.

Sensoria socks are powered by a flexible and lightweight Bluetooth smart-enabled anklet paired with a free companion mobile application to give users real-time updates on form, distance, pace, speed, ascent, descent, altitude, foot contact time in milliseconds, number of steps and cadence.

Data gathered while running is saved to the online Sensoria Fitness web dashboard where users can compare runs and monitor improvement via any smartphone or web connection.

The socks also feature the real-time Virtual Coach, which may help wearers to avoid injuries related to impact forces, foot landing and running form, track new personal records or train for an upcoming event.

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