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Teijin begins production of Teijinconex® neo

What's New? | September 4, 2015 | By:

Bangkok-based Teijin Corp. (Thailand) Ltd. has begun producing Teijinconex® neo, a new heat-resistant and dyeable meta-aramid fiber, at its premises in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Teijinconex neo’s heat resistance and dyeability offers solutions for the design and manufacture of protective apparel. Teijin’s technologies provide products that are compliant with the EU’s REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and other environmental regulations directly out of the factory, without additional treatment.

Teijin is the first company to produce high-function, high-performance fibers in the ASEAN region. The 2,200-tons-per-annum plant was built at a cost of $36 million and has begun operating with 70 workers. Teijin targets sales of $160 million by 2020.

Teijin’s products include Teijinconex meta-aramid fiber, Twaron® and Technora® para-aramid fibers, Pyromex® flame-resistant fiber and Endumax® high-performance polyethylene, and are targeted for the protective apparel markets.

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