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Jeans finishing plant announces sustainability advances

EcoNote | November 6, 2015 | By:

Spanish company, Jeanologia, announces its jeans finishing plant that will guarantee ZERO®Ø contamination. The company, a global participant in sustainable and efficient technologies for the textile finishing industry, says that this plant is a first in the industry.

The combination of the company’s laser, G2, and eFlow technologies combine to allow the company to reduce water consumption by 90 percent, the use of chemicals by 90 percent and energy consumption by 50 percent. The facility will recycle 100 percent of the water used, eliminating waste and also the use of pumice stone.

The company’s CEO, Enrique Silla, says this “represents a revolution in the textile industry.” The company believes that by 2020, 80 percent of global denim production will be generated by zero discharge centers.

“At Jeanologia we have managed to transform the way that jeans are produced by way of technologies that reduce the use of water, chemicals and energy, and we are now taking this transformation a step further with our ZERO®Ø technology, which recycles the water used and eliminates any waste,” Silla says.

The denim industry currently uses around 350 million m3 of water; Jeanologia’s intelligent treatment plant, ZERO®Ø, will achieve a water saving of 315 million m3. Information released by the company says, “We are living in a new industrial era, in which automation, sustainability and the intelligent recycling of water will help to make the textile industry a model of transparency, innovation, and sustainable practices.”

The company sells its products in 45 countries and counts many major retail brands among its customers.

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