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“Tech Tats” make wearable technology unnoticeable, too

Out There | December 4, 2015 | By:

Tatoo1Chaotic Moon Studios, a mobile software design and development studio based in Austin, Texas, is working on a wearable platform that, once it’s in place, the wearer doesn’t have to decide to put on or take off again. The company’s “Tech Tat” biowearable is an e-tattoo made with conductive tattoo paint that integrates into the user’s life and is virtually undetectable.

This is on the fringe of the world of textiles, but its development is evidence of the direction wearable technology may be headed—and the nature of the competition facing more established textile-based wearables.

The project’s main focus at present is to offer real-time medical information for preventing serious health issues on a consistent, daily basis. The tattoo would monitor data, which a doctor would normally gather in a physical exam of the patient, and send it to the doctor without the patient ever leaving home. Information would include early symptoms of a fever, vital signs and heart rate

The company is also considering Tech Tats for use in the banking industry as a replacement for a wallet, or even a credit card. When the wearer needs credit card information or identification, the product would automatically provide this information through its integrated system.

Photos and video: Chaotic Moon Studios

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