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Safer travels with NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces

EcoNote | January 8, 2016 | By:

NanoTouch Materials, Forest, Va., has produced a line of portable NanoSeptic surfaces for the travel and hospitality industry. The NanoSeptic travel mat, customized with the customer’s brand, is a promotional item as well, but more importantly provides the traveler with a cleaner surface that can be used on a hotel vanity or airplane tray table, for example.

Safe and effective, NanoSeptic products have a self-cleaning surface that oxidizes organic contaminants continuously without the use of chemicals or diluted poisons. The company says that it is responding to the hospitality industries increasing interest in eco-friendly products and solutions.

“When it comes to environmental issues, many of our customers have a very progressive attitude,” the company’s co-founder Mark Sisson says. “Part of that effort is to reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins used in cleaning, reducing exposure to these harmful products for employees and guests. In addition, providing the NanoSeptic travel mat means guests won’t use a towel to rest their toothbrush or other personal items on the hotel vanity, which reduces laundry.”

Because the products are also printed, guests will know which surface is cleaner. “Most facility cleaning is performed by a highly trained and professional team, yet their efforts are largely invisible,” says Dennis Hackemeyer, co-founder. “With NanoSeptic surfaces, guests can actually see that the facility is taking extra steps to promote cleanliness. And the branded travel mats that our customers give away or sell, provide a portable version of that visibly clean surface outside their facility.”

The Victoria Conference Centre (VCC) in Victoria, B.C. has continued with initiatives to provide an even cleaner environment for employees and guests with the recent installation of NanoSeptic surfaces. NanoSeptic skins are now used on door handles and other high traffic touch points throughout the facility.

The VCC was previously awarded the Building Owners and Managers Association certification for BESt® (Building Environment Standards) buildings with eco-friendly operations and infrastructure.

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