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LifeThreads has a new line of antimicrobial apparel

What's New? | January 22, 2016 | By:

New York-based LifeThreads® LLC has launched the Contego Collection, a second-generation line of antimicrobial medical apparel. The new line, which follows last year’s introduction of the Classic Collection, is treated with an EPA-registered active ingredient that protects the fabric from harmful pathogens found in institutional medical environments. All LifeThreads garments are fluid-resistant, offering healthcare employees protection against blood, urine, vomit and other bodily fluids.

The Contego line features stretch tops, pants and cargo pants currently available in six colors, with three additional colors debuting in March 2016. The cargo pants feature multiple pockets in convenient places for storing and accessing items easily. The stretch fabric is made of cotton (55 percent), polyester (41 percent) and Spandex (4 percent) and provides an improved fit and greater comfort for healthcare professionals.

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