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Uster Technologies issues limited-edition yarn clearer

What's New? | January 29, 2016 | By:

Uster, Switzerland-based fiber-producing monitor Uster Technologies Ltd. has introduced the USTER® QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition yarn clearer to mark 50 years of yarn clearing on automatic winders. Released in November 2015, only 300,000 of the clearers are available, on a first-come-first-served basis.

The anniversary edition includes extra defect classes, correlated to the USTER CLASSIMAT 5. These classes can be customized by users to cover specific faults that are no longer acceptable. The clearers identify, remove and report on such defects.

The USTER QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition also features a Core Yarn Clearing option for yarns used in stretch fabrics. These yarns have an elastane core within an outer sheath. Sensors identify areas in the yarn where the core component is either missing or off-center at a significant level and over long lengths. This enables a potential cause of fabric rejects to be effectively eliminated.

USTER’s advanced foreign matter sensor also detects and clears color and shade variations, and hairiness variations in yarn that can lead to a cloudy appearance in finished fabric also are addressed. These clearers incorporate online measurement of true yarn hairiness, so that outlier bobbins can be removed. Additionally, mills with linked spinning and winding can now monitor the condition of rings and travelers.

A further advance with the USTER QUANTUM 3 Anniversary Edition is its connection to the Total Testing Center of the USTER TESTER 6. Integrated with the USTER QUANTUM EXPERT 3 data collection and analysis system, information from the winding machine is combined in a Total Testing Center with accurate laboratory data. Spinners can create their own tailored quality network, extending the analysis options as new instruments are connected. The resulting data can be targeted to provide valuable knowledge – such as predicting exactly how a yarn will perform in weaving.

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