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Balega offers blister-resistant socks

What's New? | February 12, 2016 | By:

South African running specialists Balega introduces its new Blister Resist sock that works to eliminate the risk of sheer friction blisters. A combination of mohair and Drynamix polyester keeps feet cool and dry—Drynamix pushes sweat away from the skin while mohair has the ability to hold moisture and while keeping feet warm in winter and cool in summer.

The combination of moisture managing and friction reducing fabrics resulted in an award-winning design for the company. Protective properties never wash out and last the life of the sock. The product also features Balega’s patented VTech arch support system that significantly enhances the fit through the arch. Elastic grip construction under the ankle band provides a non-slip fit, triple-ply under-foot cushioning gives impact resistance and mesh ventilation panels keep the wearer’s feet cool and dry.

Sock fibers contain 54 percent Drynamix polyester, 35 percent wool and smaller amounts of neofil, elastane and nylon.

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