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Aluminum fabric skin wraps Malaysian hillside home

Out There | March 4, 2016 | By:

Photos: OOZN
Photos: OOZN

A design firm based in Singapore has wrapped a home near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in an aluminum fabric skin with dramatic effect—and addressing practical considerations.

The home, a project of OOZN+, is located on a hillside in the exclusive suburb of Lorong Pantai. The flowing, pearlescent aluminum skin creates a cloudlike wrap around the home that suggests an image of floating boxes. The perforated surface responds to changing light conditions, screens the inside of the home from the hot, tropical sun and still allows those inside to look out.

The design challenges the idea of a metallic material thought to be hard and cold, but now used as a lightweight fabric wrap. With the entrance pavilion sitting 3.5 meters above simple landscaping, the combination makes the structure appear to be floating above its surroundings.


Alum house2

Alum house night

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