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Acoustic material crafted from biomaterials

EcoNote | February 12, 2024 | By:

Jonas Edvard crafts sound-absorbing panel from mushroom mycelium, hemp, and willow. The panel is designed to absorb human conversation frequencies. Photo: Anders Sune Berg.

Designer Jonas Edvard  has introduced a sound-absorbing screen developed using mushroom mycelium, hemp and willow. Created for the Mindcraft Project 2023, and titled Myx Sail / Floor, the project takes shape as a one-meter by one-meter panel, showcasing the structural qualities of this composite biomaterial, which pairs flexibility with rigidity.

Collaborating with this living material throughout the design and production process, the designer shapes a flexible room divider within a pre-designed mold as the mycelium gradually grows and bonds with a plant fiber mixture. Edvard’s modular design prototype aims to emphasize how the inherent properties of organic materials like mycelium can integrate into our living and working spaces.

“My inspiration comes from observing the mushroom’s natural role as a recycling agent, breaking down plant matter into soil,” the material’s creator shared with

Photo: Benjamin Lund.

The project is part of a broader research study conducted in collaboration with Arup Engineers based in Germany. The panels are designed to absorb frequencies between 200 – 2500hz, the standard range of human conversation and interaction. The designer envisions the potential for natural, organic materials to become integral components of our buildings and interior architecture. 


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