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Nextiles Launches AI-powered Intensity Zones 

What's New? | February 26, 2024 | By:

Nextiles, a smart fabric technology provider for coaches and athletes, has announced its Personalized Intensity Zones, a new algorithm to track stress for Nextiles Arm Sleeve and App users. The new product provides immediate feedback on how hard each athlete throws. The algorithm assigns a zone from 0 to 10 for every repetition and provides coaches an intuitive way to create throwing programs by individualizing and categorizing intensity levels. 

This tool helps coaches and athletes to better communicate and manage arm stress in a simple, yet comprehensive way. With every throw, the product continues to learn from the athlete in real-time and further refines the intensity levels specific to each user. This provides an intuitive, personalized target to help avoid overuse and manage fatigue, optimizing overall arm health. 

“We’re excited to launch this new AI feature for the baseball market to help athletes manage fatigue and avoid arm injuries,” said Dr. George Sun, CEO and founder of Nextiles. “Ultimately, our algorithm will help bridge the communication gap between players and coaches, allowing them to better understand how much effort goes into each throw for the athlete’s particular body type and throwing style. By leveraging our hardware-software ecosystem, coaches can now create more personalized programming for their athlete’s daily workload and monitor injury risk from anywhere – all in real-time.”

Nextiles is an innovative materials science company merging flexible electronics with soft goods to create a data analytics platform that measures human performance. The company combines patented, fabric-based sewing technology with data insights to quantify raw forces, range of motion and micromovements.

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