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Technical weaving operation GKD will be presenting at the INDEX conference a range of mesh and spiral fabric belts for forming, drying and bonding nonwovens. The company’s products showcased at the exhibition will meet its mission “of only creating products and solutions that make the world healthier, safer and cleaner,” according to an Innovation in Textiles article.

GKD will highlight a number of its offerings. Conducto 7690 forming belt fabric is composed of metallic multifilaments and polyester monofilaments reported to create greater dissipation of electrostatic charges than conventional belts, which may make the technology suitable for medical and hygiene products, according to the company. 

The company’s glass hybrid fabric belts use a single-ply fabric design composed of fiberglass strands as the warp and metal wires as the weft. The belts have a perfluoroalkoxy alkane (PFA) coating that is reported to protect wires, strands and intersections from adhesion.  

GKD’s custom spiral fabric belts are reported to feature high air permeability and dimensional stability in wide or high-speed systems for producing hygiene products. Also on display will be tailor-made metal fabric screens designed for spinning beams, central filters and as blower screens. The filter discs or cartridges are produced from up to six layers of optimized Dutch weave, according to the company. 

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