Functional jacket designed to close the textile loop

January 31st, 2020

rEvolution Hybrid, an upcycled functional jacket, is the latest development from wear2wear. The three-layer jacket was developed and produced in collaboration with the European industry partnership, which aims to rapidly close the textile loop. Sympatex Technologies and Schoeller Textil are two wear2wear founding members. According to a recent news release from Sympatex, the jacket is made from […]

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Sympatex will close the loop by 2030

May 29th, 2019

Sympatex Technologies believes recycled functional textiles from old PET bottles can soon be a thing of the past, a recent press release says. As soon as 2020, the company is slated to offer its first laminates made from used textile materials acquired through a circular economy. The greater goal is to have, within the next five years, […]

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