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Bulletproof backpacks hold a viable market segment

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Man with pink backpackBallistic protection in backpacks has been available for several years. A tragic event, such as occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, creates renewed interest among the target market group: parents with school children.

The BackpackShield™ made of DuPont™ Kevlar® has been on the market since 2007, offering a lightweight, bullet-resistant product (N.I.J. level IIIA  specification) that can be used as a backpack or a shield.

Amendment II, an armor provider, uses RynoHide™ as its ballistic protection material for its strength, flexibility and affordability. The company offers a youth ballistic backpack in popular colors that looks like any other backpack a student might carry to school.

Several other companies offer similar products, and while no one claims that a product can guarantee survival in all circumstances (unprotected body areas, armor-piercing rounds or future bullet technology), many believe that a high-quality protective backpack gives the child in danger a chance. And that’s enough for many parents.


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