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Oerlikon Neumag presents energy-saving carpet fiber process

EcoNote | January 28, 2015 | By:

Swiss manmade fiber specialist Oerlikon Neumag introduced its new rotating tangle RoTac3 unit at January’s Domotex 2015 flooring show in Hanover, Germany.

As opposed to conventional tangle units, the RoTac technology forms tangle knots with a pulsating instead of a continuous air current. The machine’s rotating nozzle jacket has several holes with corresponding spacing determined by the required number of knots. If a hole is positioned over the compressed-air opening, an air blast is released and tangles the yarn; compressed air is consumed only if a tangle knot is formed, reducing energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

The RoTac³ can generate tangle knots with defined separation and strength. Tangle dropouts are reduced and down streaming performance is improved.

The tangling or intermingling plays a decisive part in the production of bulked continuous filament (BCF) yarns. Through the tangle knots, loop formations are prevented when tufting and weaving carpets. They also define color mixtures enabling a homogenous appearance of tricolor carpets.

Oerlikon specializes in machine and plant engineering, providing industrial solutions and technologies for manmade fibers manufacturing, drive systems, vacuum, surface solutions and advanced nanotechnology.

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