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Garmatex launches new golf apparel technology

What's New? | January 29, 2015 | By:

Vancouver, B.C.-based performance fabric maker Garmatex Technologies has introduced two apparel technologies in January. Prime4orm is a “bio-anatomical” shirt that re-engineers body form and posture; and a new line of smart IceSkin Gear accessories help regulate body temperature in warm weather.

The Prime4orm shirt aims to increase suppleness and flexibility of muscles by releasing tension and stiffness in the wearer. The shirt’s design is complimented by a varied group of intelligent fabrics.

IceSkin Gear uses 100 percent natural jade minerals for its natural cooling properties to keep wearers cool in the heat. The fabric features an embedded fiber technology—a multilayered, three-dimensional knitting process that is engineered to ensure that the cooling effect remains permanent for the life of the garment. IceSkin accessories include everything from towels to wristbands, and can be logoed for specific golf courses, resorts and corporate resellers.

Garmatex’s full range of Prime4orm and IceSkin products are expected to be in retail stores throughout Canada and the United States beginning in spring 2015.

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