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Crypton’s superheroes

Industry News | October 6, 2015 | By:

Though this isn’t Comic Con, Hardy Sullivan called upon comic book-style superheroes in his expo presentation titled “Super Fabric Advancements Combat Arch Villains.” The vice president of research and development for Crypton Inc. described several of his company’s textile products with graphic representations as follows:

  • “Splendor” represented Revl™ anti-graffiti vinyl, launched in March. “It has a full matte-luster capability range,” Sullivan said, noting that a stain-resistant fabric with a matte finish is particularly appealing to the upholstery world.
  • “Izonyu” represented SigNature®, announced in January as anti-counterfeiting technology that can be used across all of Crypton’s properties. “It stays with the fabric,” Sullivan said. “It can be used in a court of law as forensic evidence, and it’s highly tailorable.
  • “Tri-pel” represented Aquapel®, chemistry with a hydrocarbon polymer that repels water and oil and releases stains.
  • “Steam” represented Dry Inside apparel, a dual-moisture management system that combats “cold and clammy” with a one-way wicking that leaves the inside of the fabric dry.
  • “Blockem” represented Wick + Block™, which also combats “cold and clammy” and stains.

In a conversation after his presentation, Sullivan noted that Wick + Block was field tested by the Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers and now is “going across the board,” since Nike has the rights to produce all NFL uniforms. Wick + Block is produced by Nanotex, which, Sullivan said, Crypton acquired to complement its focus on new technology with a target toward apparel.

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