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Fashion for Good welcomes 10 companies to 2024 Innovation Program

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Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good has announced the selection of 10 new innovators for its 2024 Innovation Program. The cohort is focused on novel footwear material and recycling technologies, manmade cellulosic and nylon recycling.

The 2024 Innovation Program provides bespoke support based on the development stage and ambitions of each innovator, matching them with relevant industry partners to drive technology and impact technology and impact validation as well as investing activities.

“We are thrilled to unveil this year’s cohort of 10 new innovators for our Innovation Program. These groundbreaking technologies epitomize our steadfast commitment to embedding new technologies within the fashion industry,” says Katrin Ley, managing director of Fashion for Good.

The selected innovators joining the 2024 Innovation Program are Algreen Ltd., Balena, Epoch Biodesign, Fibre52, Gencrest BioProducts Pvt. Ltd., HeiQ AeoniQ, Nanollose – Nullabor, Regeneley, Samsara Eco and EFF.


Algreen Ltd: Algreen co-develops alternative materials from algae and biobased sources that can replace fossil-based products such as PU.

Balena: Balena creates biodegradable partly biobased polymers for footwear outsoles.

Epoch Biodesign: Epoch Biodesign is an enzymatic recycler of PA66 and PA6 textile waste.

Fibre52: Fibre52™ is a biobased solution replacing traditional bleach prepared-for-dyeing and dye processes.

Gencrest BioProducts Pvt Ltd: Gencrest works with various agri-residues to convert them into textile-grade fibers using their enzymatic technology.

HeiQ AeoniQ: HeiQ AeoniQ™ is a continuous cellulose filament yarn with enhanced tensile properties.

Nanollose – Nullabor: Nullarbor™ Lyocell is developed from microbial cellulose converted into pulp to produce a Lyocell fiber with their partner Birla Cellulose.

REGENELEY: REGENELEY pioneers advanced shoe sole recycling technologies by separating and recycling EVA, TPU and rubber components found in footwear.

Samsara Eco: Samsara Eco is an enzymatic recycler of PA66 and PET textile waste.

SEFF: SEFF Fibre produces cotton fibers and blends of hemp fabrics utilizing a patented HVPED process.

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