Bionic hand restores quality of life to amputee

October 23, 2023  |  What's New?

The world is edging closer to creating fully functional prosthetic limbs with the first clinical bionic attachment connected directly to the nervous and skeletal systems. Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), the “Mia Hand” has restored about 80 percent of daily use to the user’s hand an…
Bionic silkworms produce full-length fibers 

October 9, 2023  |  What's New?

For the first time, scientists have successfully produced full-length spider silk fibers using genetically modified silkworms. reports that this silk has the potential to provide a scalable, sustainable and better-quality alternative to current synthetic fibers like nylon.
Scientists develop a less invasive brain-computer interface

October 9, 2023  |  What's New?

Serving multiple useful purposes, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) usually incorporate scalp-applied or even brain-implanted electrodes. A new less-invasive BCI, however, can simply be placed in the patient's ear canal.
Smart jacket from Nike has automatic air vents

September 25, 2023  |  What's New?

NIKE has introduced a jacket equipped with automatic air venting technology that closes and opens to keep runners warm and cool as they jog. The company’s “Aerogami” has air vents that appear as creases and folds across the smart jacket where tiny, winged vents open when sweat builds agains…
Reusable gloves “cook” viruses

September 25, 2023  |  What's New?

Single-use nitrile gloves continue to be used widely in healthcare settings. A Rice University team, led by mechanical engineering graduate student Marquise Bell, has recently developed an alternative: reusable gloves that cook viruses.
Fibers with sensors help study the brain-gut connection

September 11, 2023  |  What's New?

The brain and the digestive tract are in constant communication, relaying signals that help to control feeding and other behaviors. This extensive communication network also influences our mental state and has been implicated in many neurological disorders. 
Spun-fiber device designed for children with heart valve disease

August 28, 2023  |  What's New?

Strep throat is a common and treatable childhood disease in the U.S., but in less wealthy countries, children afflicted with strep can develop rheumatic fever, in which runaway inflammation attacks the body’s tissues. Rheumatic fever often damages the valves of the heart, causing rheumatic heart d…
Ink can change color on demand

August 14, 2023  |  What's New?

Inspired by cephalopods, scientists have created a new light-activated ink that can change color on demand. It’s made up of microbeads of different colors that rise or sink in response to different wavelengths of light, so that its surface appears as a specific color. This could be useful for new …