Acoustic material crafted from biomaterials

February 12, 2024  |  EcoNote

Designer Jonas Edvard has introduced a sound-absorbing screen developed using mushroom mycelium, hemp and willow. Created for the Mindcraft Project 2023, and titled Myx Sail / Floor, the project takes shape as a one-meter by one-meter panel, showcasing the structural qualities of this composite bio…
Alpaca fiber offers alternative to petroleum-based fleece

January 29, 2024  |  EcoNote

Gear Junkie reports that PAKACLOUD from clothing startup PAKA is a high-quality alpaca fiber that could be the warmest, softest and most wearable alternative to petroleum-based fleece yet. As brands and consumers become more sustainably minded, the outdoor industry’s demand for fleece fabric alt…
Researchers create unique biopolymer composite films

January 29, 2024  |  EcoNote

Materials with enhanced structure derived from crustaceans and seaweed could be part of a next-generation answer to the challenge of replacing petroleum-based plastic films, according to new research from North Carolina State University (NC State). The university’s news service article explains th…
Bio-materials company offers more sustainable textiles

January 15, 2024  |  EcoNote

According to sustainable bio-design technology company Modern Meadow, eco-friendly bio-materials will be in the spotlight for fashion brands in 2024, calling them “the next generation of materials.” The company offers a range of bio-based textiles.
Wool pellets found to be useful in agriculture

December 18, 2023  |  EcoNote

A farm in Utah asserts that pellets made of wool can improve soil quality. Croydon, Utah-based Wild Valley Farms is leading the effort with its “Wool Pellets” that offer a blend of sustainability and effectiveness. Derived from 100 percent raw U.S. wool, these eco-friendly pellets not only suppo…
Pulcra and Devan unveil PFC-free water repellent

December 11, 2023  |  EcoNote

Pulcra Chemicals, a global manufacturer of sustainable chemical products has joined forces with its subsidiary, Devan Chemicals, to introduce Devan Repel, a new brand in the water repellency market. 
Plant-based antimicrobial for textiles launched 

December 11, 2023  |  EcoNote

Polygiene Group, global, antimicrobial technologies and odor control solutions provider, has launched a new antimicrobial technology, StayFreshBIO™, for the textile market based on a 100 percent bio-based active ingredient extracted from plant-based substances. 
The move to digitize engineering in textile products

November 13, 2023  |  EcoNote

Dr. Caitlin Knowles, e-textile device engineer with AFFOA, moderated a panel at ATA’s Emerging Technologies Conference that featured Graham Sullivan, CEO of SEDDI Inc., which supplies newly created digital data and design development tools to the garment industry, and Dr. Matthew Trexler, director…