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Studio designs with light and a handcrafted biotextile 

EcoNote | April 8, 2024 | By:

Natural Material Studio has showcased a biotextile’s interaction with light. Photo: Anders Sune Berg.

Natural Material Studio’s “Lighting Works,” designed for the Mindcraft project 2023, consists of three lighting objects that showcase the studio’s handcrafted biotextiles‘ ability to diffuse light. Made from a blend of biopolymers, natural softeners and chalk, these objects feature natural variations like streaks, bubbles, and shifts in transparency. 

This represents the latest stage in the Danish design studio’s use of light as an additional design element in biomaterial production and display. Under the guidance of Bonnie Hvillum, the studio has incorporated its biotextiles into various installations and commissions, highlighting their unique semi-transparent qualities and the visual depth they offer when illuminated naturally or artificially. 

The production process involves tension and suspension techniques to create sculptural forms. The studio sees light as an integral design element in these works, aiming for a holistic, sculptural approach rather than traditional lamp design. 

“Our intention was not to specifically design lamps, rather to work with light as an element that transforms and deepens the natural waves and occurrences within our bio textiles,”says Bonnie Hvillum, creative director of the studio.

The company had previous created biotextile made of ingredients and pigments taken directly from nature, including a protein-based biopolymer and natural softener. Crafted by hand, the material’s texture, color and shape are reactive to the material’s environment and change with temperature, humidity and time. If composted the material will naturally degrade in 1-3 months. 

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