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Translucent, washable fabric is made from apple waste

EcoNote | February 26, 2024 | By:

Adam sheet is a translucent, washable fabric made of recycled apple waste. Photo: Sozai Center. 

Japanese studio Sozai Center has developed a process to recycle apple waste, or pomace, to make a product it calls “Adam Sheet.” Made from 100 percent apple pomace from Aomori Prefecture in Japan, one of the country’s leading apple-producing regions, the product is meant to address the amount of discarded apple waste, which poses an environmental problem. Sozai Center collects the apple pomace from local farmers and, using its specific technology, it grinds and transforms the waste into a washable material that can be used to make end products.

Every part of the apple pomace gets recycled, from the core and peel to its stem and seeds, leaving only the byproduct of recycled apple waste. Once it has been turned into a powder, the design team develops it into a sheet material, without added artificial coloring to maintain the fruit’s natural shade. 

Sozai Center says that its recycled apple waste can be used to create apparel and even indoor furniture, as the sheets have shown to be water and scratch resistance. It is also sturdy enough to withstand frequent washing with water or neutral detergent.

Studio Sozai Center has made card holders and pouches from Adam sheet. Photo: Sozai Center.

A testament to the new frontier of recycled-made products, Studio Sozai Center has already produced a card case and crossbody pouch using Adam sheet. The card case holds up to four cards in its front and back pockets. The crossbody pouch can hold smartphones, cards, and a passport, making it a suitable travel accessory.

The creators plan to keep developing the range of Adam sheet products to continue to help solve the apple waste problem in their region. 

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