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Kyocera initiative promotes “Wear to Save Water”

EcoNote | April 22, 2024 | By:

Kyocera Corp. has launched the TRUE BLUE TEXTILE project to introduce a new “Wear to Save Water” concept to promote consumer awareness of environmental issues. The project featured textile design exhibits by Anrealage and Vantan Design Institute in late March of this year, to coincide with World Water Day 2024.   

Until now, the textile and apparel industry has used vast amounts of water in processes such as steam and washing when dyeing fabrics, and water pollution resulting from this wastewater has become a global environmental problem. In addition, the problem of mass disposal due to overstocking is also under scrutiny, requiring an immediate response. 

In 2023, The Japanese company released its sustainable inkjet textile printer, FOREARTH®, which reduces the water usage for textile printing to virtually zero to help address environmental issues, such as water pollution, in the textile and apparel industry. 

The company says the TRUE BLUE TEXTILE fabric was printed by its FOREARTH printer with patterns based on the Niyodo River in Kochi Prefecture, which boasts the best water quality in Japan. The project is an initiative to encourage people to think about the significance of ‘Wear to Save Water’ by choosing garments with sustainable fabrics.

SOURCE: Kyocera Corp.

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