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UltraTech launches EverShield® fabric protection

What's New? | October 23, 2015 | By:

Two months after UltraTech International Inc. announced it had a new product, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based company showcased EverShield® at the 2015 IFAI Expo in Anaheim, Calif.

UltraTech continues to diversify its product portfolio beyond its core business of spill containment. EverShield represents cutting-edge technology in fabric protection. Whereas liquid repellency products traditionally provide surface treatment, EverShield coats individual fibers, creating a bond that is extremely durable.

While retaining fabric breathability, hand, colorfastness, and tensile strength, the omniphobic product resists water, oil, and ice formation. It does not compromise a fabric’s flame retardancy and can be used with antimicrobial agents.

EverShield is applied to fabric in a finishing process at a mill using the dip, pad, and dry method. It is not intended for finished garments.

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