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Flotation device incorporates lifejacket features

What's New? | July 20, 2016 | By:

IUW is an innovative, wearable flotation device designed specifically for water sports that combines the features of a sport lifejacket and a throwable device. Created by Polish product designer Julia Grochal, it also meets safety regulations set by the SOLAS—the international Safety of Life at Sea maritime treaty.

Polyurethane foam of low density is used as a buoyant filler which allows the shape to fit the form of the human body. Though small in size, the device provides sufficient buoyancy to keep the user on the water’s surface while allowing for movement between the arms, neck and torso.

Grochal’s design not only functions as a flotation device, but also aids the process of pulling the user out of water from either onshore or aboard a boat. The outer layer of the product is made of nylon-coated neoprene which offers excellent thermal insulation properties and high resistance to abrasion, water or UV rays. The color scheme divides the form into two parts: The base element is neon green and the buoyant section is gray. The colors not only increase the visibility of the whole form, but also highlight the parts which the individual can use to perform specific actions.

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