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Huntsman launches EverGlide™ for active sportswear

What's New? | August 9, 2013 | By:

Huntsman EverGlideIn studies that reveal what athletes perceived to be ‘must-have’ performance qualities in their sportswear and first layer garments, skin friction and comfort came out on the top—more important than moisture management, odor control and thermal control.

Huntsman Textile Effects has developed a new textile system that effectively reduces fabric to skin friction and promotes longer-lasting performance, especially for active sports enthusiasts. Developed and formulated by Huntsman and supported with extensive scientific research by reputable testing institutes in Europe, EverGlide™ Low Friction Systems is a cutting-edge technology that minimizes the incidence of skin irritation and abrasion, commonly sustained by athletes due to perspiration saturation during sports performance.

Combined with the ‘cool comfort’ moisture-management system that allows faster drying and enhanced regulation of the body temperature, EverGlide Low Friction Systems enhances fabric resilience and durability as it wicks away perspiration from the skin quickly, creating a reliable line of defense against blisters and reddening of the skin.

With a soft, silky handle, EverGlide has simple and versatile application procedures that can be used on all substrates. Its low yellowing properties ensure no influence on thermo-migration and degree of whiteness, even under molding conditions. This makes EverGlide suitable for a wide range of apparel, including endurance sportswear, cycle shorts, base layer mountain-hiking wear, equestrian trousers, sports underwear and training or gym wear.

In relative friction tests based on friction coefficient values on both nylon/ elastane (PA/EL) and polyester knits, EverGlide has also shown to be four times more effective than conventional softeners, remaining highly durable and performing well under wet conditions.

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