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Norafin develops heatable nonwovens

What's New? | November 12, 2013 | By:

Within the scope of a research and development process, Norafin, with its partners, has been able to successfully develop new, energy efficient and functional heatable nonwovens. These nonwovens have minimal heating times in low voltage areas, minimal weight and a homogeneous heat distribution during the heating and cooling phase. These features open up new application areas for heatable functional textiles, such as wall, ceiling and floor heating systems, flat heating elements for use in mold construction and more.

Additionally, Norafin has ventured into flax fiber processing and introduced the material into its hydro-entangling process. With natural UV resistance, flax fibers can be used in the home furnishing market, for example as window covering. The newly created window shades based on nonwovens have already been installed in commercial establishments. The material demonstrated a good cooling, luminosity and an acoustic effect, as it absorbs noises well.



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