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Cool-jams fosters valuable sleep

What's New? | April 7, 2014 | By:

San Diego-based Cool-jams has introduced Performance Sleep Products, a new moisture-wicking sleepwear and temperature-regulating bedding that helps athletes’ bodies achieve optimal sleep temperature. The fabric regulates body heat while minimizing energy expended to keep the body cool. The moisture-wicking properties carry away built-up heat while an antimicrobial agent fights odor and bacteria.

Stanford University research found swimmers, tennis, football and basketball players sprinted faster, shot better, and set personal bests after increasing their sleep. In the study, athletes performed their best when they took daytime naps, watched what they drank and aimed for 10 hours of sleep nightly.

Turning down the thermostat is a vital part of post-play recovery because athletes tend to overheat while sleeping. Keeping a room too warm prevents athletes from falling into a deep enough sleep to reap all the benefits. To promote recovery, athletes need to bring their core body temperature to an optimal level that induces a restful night’s sleep.

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