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Safer on the ice

What's New? | May 9, 2014 | By:

Hunter Sportswear has launched a new safety glove for ice-skaters. The glove represents a breakthrough in hand safety, as it offers users the highest level (class 5) of cut resistance, as well as lightweight comfort, similar to a standard sports glove.

The enabling technology behind the new glove is Dyneema® Diamond Technology, a patented fiber innovation from DSM Dyneema. The key feature is that the yarn has cut-resistant properties double that of regular high-molecular polyethylene yarn, achieved without the use of glass or steel. Gloves reinforced with fiberglass or steel are heavy and stiff, making them uncomfortable to wear; fiberglass is brittle and may break during use and cause skin irritation. With this technology, gloves remain lightweight and flexible.

“Ice-skating is a wonderful sport, but it is not without danger. Sharp blades can be dangerous – especially during a fall or in a crowded ice rink. Hands and particularly fingers are at risk,” Hunter spokesperson Jeroen de Vries says. “Just like cyclists have accepted the need for bicycle helmets, both professional and recreational ice-skaters are looking increasingly for greater levels of protection. In my view, over the next five years or so we will see a growing demand for protective sportswear.”

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