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The QMILK® fiber pilot run has started and the production plant is now in operation. The company says it is now focusing on adjusting the installation in order to meet the different requirements of its partner companies that will produce a variety of end products.

With a focus on sustainability objectives, the QMILK production process is based on a zero-waste concept. The waste generated during fiber production is recycled to make a newly developed biopolymer, which can be used by the plastics industry.Additionally, the company has restructured its cleaning process to use rainwater exclusively.

QMILK has been the recipient of awards in 2014 including the Huber Verlag für neue Medien GmbH INDUSTRIEPREIS 2014 in the category of biotechnology, and an Innovation Award in FabricLink Network´s Top 10 Ten annual showcase of outstanding developments in new textile products and technologies that have launched in that year and are commercially available.


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