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A “Hollow Light”

Out There | June 9, 2014 | By:

Stretched textile surfaces – or at least textiles fitted over a frame – are familiar enough. One example is the familiar lampshade.” In the case of HollowLight by Diffus Design, Copenhagen, Denmark, the lampshade is the lamp. The result is a striking and fully functional furnishing accessory.

HollowLight is a lamp that combines two luminous lampshades: one has LED lights embroidered into its surface and the other has a surface of embroidered, side-emitting optical fibers. That means that the surfaces of the lampshades themselves emit the light, The arrangement of LEDs and optical fibers on the two shades also creates appealing overlapping patterns.

The two surfaces can combine or switch between soft, ambient light emitted from the optical fiber surface and more direct light provided by the LEDs. Light control is managed via bluetooth  technology that can be operated from a smart phone.

The light is showing promise not only as a novel accessory, but as a new concept in the production of light fixtures. Could it be “goodbye light bulb” – long-lasting or any other kind?

The project is a result of a long-term collaboration between Diffus Design and embroidery specialist Forster Rohner. HollowLamp is part of an ongoing research project. Collaborators include Kenneth Weiss and Margaux Chastenet;  project partners are KS Lampeskærm ApS and Forster Rohner.

Photos: Diffus Design
Photos: Diffus Design

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