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Horizontal and vertical programming

My Take | September 8, 2014 | By:

There’s a lot going on in this year’s Advanced Textiles Conference, running Oct. 13–14. A good cross-section of markets is well represented in the conferences symposiums, as well as in-depth sessions on specific materials and technologies.

The conference, which opens one day prior to IFAI Specialty Fabrics Expo and Advanced Textiles Expo, will be held in the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, Minn., along with the trade show portion of IFAI’s annual event.

Sessions are organized into three tracks with two tracks—medical, and safety and protective—running concurrently on the first day. Beyond the variety of topics realized in this organization of the schedule (the horizontal part of this), there are many more (see “Advanced Textiles Conference Oct. 13–14” in this issue) that promise deeper discussions on developments involving a quite specific technology (the vertical part). You’ll have to peruse the entire schedule at the IFAI Expo website to get a feel for the sessions of most interest to you.

I have the responsibility of covering as much of this packed two-day event as I possibly can, and somehow summarizing it in a way that will fit in the space allotted in our official Expo publication, Specialty Fabrics Review. It’s like assembling a puzzle and making the picture clear—top to bottom and from one end to the other—without being able to use all the puzzle pieces. It’s a fun challenge, and I come back to the office with so much information that I find myself referring back to my notes and using material from them throughout the year.

If you want all the puzzle pieces and a truly complete picture, you’ll have to attend, and I certainly hope that you do. If you book by Sept. 17 you’ll get the best rates on the conference and event hotels.

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