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3D printed fabric developers launch campaign

What's New? | June 5, 2015 | By:


A U.S. company has launched a campaign to fund development of a 3D printer capable of creating seamless garments from a user’s desktop. Calif.-based Electroloom claims the “world’s first 3D fabric printer,” which uses an electrospinning process to convert liquid solutions into solid fibers, which are then deposited onto a 3D mold.

The company says the materials are composed of tiny micro and nano-sized fibers which allows for designs that can flex, drape and fold like fabrics. It was inspired by 3D printers, the makers movement and accessible design to build a technology that enables people to design and manufacture clothes from scratch. After a year and a half of development, the company is seeking its first set of alpha testers.

The company uses a custom polyester/cotton blend compatible with the stock molds that the Electroloom Developer Kit provides. It’s also working on optimising silk and acrylic fiber solutions.

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