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Emerald Specialty Polymers introduces Nychem emulsion

What's New? | August 17, 2015 | By:

Emerald Specialty Polymers, a business group of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio-based Emerald Performance Materials, has introduced Nychem™ 1561X604, a nitrile latex emulsion designed to improve tensile strength, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and other performance characteristics in textile coating, paper saturation and gasket applications. This product is designed to improve upon the performance of previous generation polymers, providing resistance to water, oil, grease and hydrocarbons.

Emerald’s Nychem specialty emulsions are used in a variety of industrial applications, including coated fabrics, leather, specialty coatings, paper, abrasives, tape, adhesives and coal tar sealing binders.

Nychem products include nitrile, SB and ABS latex emulsions that offer grease, oil, fat and solvent resistance. They are also abrasion- and caustic-resistant, yet soft, elastic and resilient. Their performance can be enhanced through vulcanization and, in some cases, cross-linked through heat-reactive or carboxyl functional groups present in certain products.

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