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BioViz reflective cycling apparel introduced

What's New? | September 4, 2015 | By:

Pearl Izumi tights
ELITE thermal cycling tights use thermal fleece for insulation and warmth, with enough breathability to keep comfortable and dry in cool temperatures. Photo: Pearl Izumi

Performance apparel maker Pearl Izumi, based in Louisville, Colo., has introduced high-visibility cycling apparel using BioViz™ technology. The new line is focused on making riders visible in all conditions, day or night, at a minimum of 100 meters, a number deemed a safe distance, based on Pearl Izumi’s research, for drivers to have ample time to take any necessary corrective action.

BioViz relies on a combination of fluorescent colors for daytime visibility and strategically placed reflective markers for optimal nighttime performance.

The company’s 25-year-old fluorescent Screaming Yellow color converts invisible UV rays into visible light, causing the garment to appear to glow and making bicycle riders visible from up to five times farther away than with standard colors. Using color is critical to help cyclists be better seen in daylight, since reflective material works only at low light or night-time conditions. Pearl Izumi is introducing two additional florescent colors, Screaming Green and Screaming Pink.

Beyond the new 100-meter minimum visibility standard for reflectivity, Pearl Izumi is using the principal of biomotion to turn reflective markers into communication tools.

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