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Reality Dreams offers self-cleaning T-shirt

What's New? | November 19, 2015 | By:

hydrophobicTNorwich, U.K.-based clothier Reality Dreams has introduced dirt-repelling T-shirts that allow food, liquids and even oils to “run off” and clean simply with a spray of water.

The hydrophobic shirts feature a nanotechnology treatment that can be added, for an additional cost, on demand when ordering the company’s apparel. Nanoparticles supplied exclusively to Reality Dreams by REP-L enter microscopic natural pores and capillaries of the fabric surface and bond to the substrate material to create a hydrophobic barrier that is durable, non-invasive and protects against damage caused by water, pollution, UV and dirt.

The company says that the hydrophobic garments feel exactly the same as their other garments and are breathable, as well.

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