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Graphene-enhanced sportswear launched

What's New? | February 5, 2016 | By:

Italian sportswear brand Colmar has launched a sportswear collection containing Graphene Plus, made by Directa Plus, a producer of graphene-based products based in Italy. This is the first application of Graphene Plus nanotechnology in sportswear.

Graphene, an innovative nanotech material derived from graphite, significantly improves performance for the benefit of athletes, professionals and sports enthusiasts. The key characteristic of this smart fabric is its ability to act as a filter between the body and the external environment, ensuring the ideal temperature for the wearer. The warmth produced by the human body is dispersed in warm climates, and preserved and distributed evenly in cold climates. In addition, because the fabrics treated with Graphene Plus are electrostatic and bacteriostatic, they are able to reduce the friction with air and water to enable top sporting performance.

Giulio Cesareo, Directa Plus CEO said, “This is the first G+ textile product to reach the market. We believe this is the beginning of a revolution in the world of sportswear and the textile industry as a whole.” The collaboration between Colmar and Directa Plus has produced ski jackets (for men and women), ski suits, technical underwear and a polo shirt.

Directa Plus graphene-based products are natural, chemical-free, sustainably produced and tailored to specific customer requirements for commercial applications such as smart textiles, tires, composite materials and environmental solutions.

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