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Sweet Living Group announces zinc oxide portfolio for licensing

What's New? | March 4, 2016 | By:

St. Louis-based eco-friendly clothier Sweet Living Group (SLG) has announced the licensing of its nano-ZnO technology. The patented zinc oxide nanotechnology benefits fabrics and textiles by incorporating ultraviolet protection, controlling odor, enhancing anti-microbial/mold and mildew-resistance, enhancing resistance to sun degradation and incorporating these protections and enhancements into existing clothing by various laundry detergents and additives. The scope of coverage allows the patents to be applied in both the textile and laundry detergent industries and includes industrial and commercial applications.

SLG was recently granted its sixth U.S. patent that allows for the combination of zinc oxide and silicon dioxide into fabrics and textiles. A portion of SLG’s patents focus on the use of nano-ZnO within the fabrics at the manufacturing phase. The company’s other patents focus on the same protections, but with the technology integrated into laundry detergents. SLG’s patents are also directed to incorporating UV protection in both natural and synthetic materials and fabrics.

Founded in 2010, The Sweet Living Group is a privately held company that specializes in the development of zinc oxide nanotechnology.

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