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Environmental emissions tool for textiles launched

EcoNote | June 8, 2016 | By:

French testing and certification specialists Bureau Veritas has launched BVE3, an IT platform to support its chemical discharge monitoring business. BVE3, Bureau Veritas’ Environmental Emission Evaluator, supports supply-chain partners in reducing the environmental impacts through a mechanism to understand factories’ daily and weekly discharge potentials, as opposed to one-time screening of materials, chemicals and discharge.

BVE3 works in combination with traditional supply-chain controls (chemicals screening, testing and factory audits) for greater visibility on ongoing compliance; users then choose and use these tools in the most cost-effective way. For industries with wet processing, BVE3 assists in constructing realistic discharge scenarios for the hazardous substances used in the manufacturing process and released into the environment (waste water discharge) from the factories.

In support of supply-chain, chemical-management performance and transparency, factories upload chemical information to BVE3 on a monthly basis. From there, Bureau Veritas’ specialists analyze factories’ inputs, and the calculated output results in the estimated concentration and amount of hazardous substances in water discharge. The number and the amount of hazardous substances in the chemical inventory and discharge create three indexes to help measuring factories’ chemical management performance.

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