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Qmilk fibers allow ‘natural’ thermo-bonding

EcoNote | July 27, 2016 | By:

Composed of 100 percent natural protein, Qmilch GmbH’s Qmilk fiber is a flame-retardant material, allowing it to be processed in thermal bonding. Qmilk increases the bonding strength of lighter nonwovens, and, for example, wool felt can be coined while its structure is maintained.

Viscose and cotton nonwoven fabrics can also be produced into a composite with thermal Qmilk, allowing imprints. The felt gets a silky, high-quality surface, opening fields of application for nonwovens in medical, hygiene, filtration systems and sound insulation, among others.

Qmilk is made from milk that cannot be used for consumption and otherwise might go to waste.

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